A Card Game of Crypto Communication and Murder Solving
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A Murder Most Fowl

A Murder Most Fowl is a peculiar card game about crypto communication and people reading.

2 or 3 teams of 2-players each (which means the game is played by either 4 or 6 players) compete against each other to solve the murder of Colonel Robin Poor, who is a cock of international importance.

The game is loosely inspired by the English nursery rhyme "Who Killed Cock Robin" –especially Henry Louis Stephens’ 1865 book version which is named; "Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin".


The first team to arrive at the crime scene is Charlotte Holmes and Vet Watson from Dogland Yard. Charlotte Holmes is a petite dog of stark demeanor. Her intelligence is the envy of many male colleagues. Vet Watson is a drunk, hulky, aloof yet loveable medic. His accessory is a small barrel of whisky which he always carries around.

From across the ocean arrive the agents of Federal Beavers of Investigation (FBI, for short). Originally a fox, Agent Murder has been raised by beavers after his family has been abducted by "a strange light in the sky". Agent Scurry is a pedantic sceptic of almost everything. Her famous quote is "What does the Fox say?"

From across the English Channel arrive the inspectors of Brigade Félinationale de la Sécurité. Being the catastrophe magnet he is, after Inspector Purrouseau has left Paris, the city declared a celebration hoping the murder will never be resolved. Despite his name, Queen Cat’O is a male cat with questionable garde-robe and bed fellows. Yet his skills in Paw Fu and Pawate stop anyone from further inquiries.

* The selection of investigators is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the game.


A Murder Most Fowl game and card design by;
Sercan Şengün

For house rules and latest updates see;

Suspect illustrations from Death and Burial of Poor Cock Robin, by Henry Louis Stephens, 1865. This book is in free domain and available from Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org)

Location, Weapon and Character illustrations from British Library Flickr Account
(www.flickr.com/photos/britishlibrary). All work is in free domain.

Some graphic elements from Freepik.com

Blackadder ITC is a font by Bob Anderton, 2002. Licensed from Myfonts.com
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Investigation Offices

Don't bark at a lemon tree my dear Watson...

Charlotte Holmes
(with Vet Watson)

The timber is out there!

Agent Murder
(with Agent Scurry)

From Paris with meow...

Inspector Purrouseau
(with Queen Cat'O)
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