A Card Game of Crypto Communication and Murder Solving
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01.Meet the

A murder in the bird family transformed each bird into a suspect.

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02.Find the

A bloody knife, a fired pistol, a vial of poison; which weapon took the life of Colonel Robin?

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03.Visit the

In town or in the countryside, where was the horrible murder committed?

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04.Solve the

Which bird committed this henious crime, with which cursed weapon and where?

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A Murder Most Fowl!

A Murder Most Fowl is a peculiar card game about crypto communication and people reading. 2 or 3 teams of 2-players each (which means the game is played by either 4 or 6 players) compete against each other to solve the murder of Colonel Robin Poor, who is a cock of international importance.


The first team to arrive at the crime scene is Charlotte Holmes and Vet Watson from Dogland Yard.


From across the English Channel arrive Inspector Purrouseau and Queen Cat'O of Brigade Félinationale de la Sécurité.


From across the ocean arrive the agents of Federal Beavers of Investigation (FBI, for short); Agent Murder and Agent Scurry.

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