A Card Game of Crypto Communication and Murder Solving
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  • Run a crypto session for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • For 4 players, sit as a cross. For 6 players, sit hexagonally. Team members sit opposite of each other.
  • Deal 3 cards to each players. This is the maximum number of cards a player can hold.
  • Reveal 3 cards in the play area. The remaining cards form the draw deck.
  • Determine who goes first and play clockwise.

During your turn you can do oneof the following actions;
  • Exchange a card from your hand with a card on the play area.
  • Discard a card from the play area to the deck, draw and reveal a card from the deck to the play area.
  • Discard a card; on your next turn you can draw one from the deck.
  • Draw a card from the deck only ifyou have discarded one in your previous turn.
  • Play the Victim card, if you have it. This card allows you to pick up the draw deck, search through it and put the card of your choice into your hand without showing other players. Discard the victim card out of the game till the next reset.
After you performed one of these actions, you can call a murder if you like. Otherwise, pass.

  • A murder is formed of 4 cards; the murder setup card and the 3 other cards (a suspect, a weapon and a location) that actualize it.
  • The same murder card can be actualized by different suspect, weapon or location card combinations.
  • When you actualize one murder card with 2 combinations (a total of 5 cards) that is called a double murder.
  • When you actualize one murder card with 4 combinations (a total of 6 cards) that is called a quadruple murder.
  • When you actualize two murder cards with 4 other cards (a total of 6 cards) that is called a super murder.
When a player calls a murder, everybody lays their hands facedown. The players of other teams need to agree on onesuspect, weapon or location card. This is best done when they have previously observed the communication of other teams and tried to crack their codes. After they name a card, the calling team reveals their hands.
  • If the hands form a murder and the named card is not a part of it, the calling team earns 2 points.
  • If the hands form a double, quadruple or super murder, the named card is obsolete, the calling team earns 3, 4 or 6 points respectively.
  • If the hands do not form a murder, the other teams earn 1 point each.
  • If the hands form a murder and the named card is a part of it, the other teams earn 2 points each.
After resolving each murder call, reset the game. The first team to reach 12 points total wins the game.


During the crypto sessions, the teams convene secretly and work on secret communication methods. The teams can use body language, singing, humming, tell obscure stories, remind each other of past memories, speak unintelligibly, in numbers or form sentences that make no sense at all to the other teams –but hopefully passes information amongst themselves. 2 communication methods are forbidden;
  • All languages used must be known by all players
  • Players cannot pass notes or physical objects
This is required since calling a murder requires 4 cards at least and each player can only hold 3. Thus the teams need a method to communicate each other what cards they hold or need.
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Download Rulebook

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A Murder Most Fowl Rulebook
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Check the house rules